MIlestone after Milestone

Newsletter: Jul 11, 2011

Dear Members,

There were alot of new faces this weekend at the club and when I looked at our database and saw that for the middle of July 2011 we had 350 people come to Princeton for the weekend and there were 56 new people
that have never been at our property before, let alone meeting all the sexy active members we have... It was a time to reflect---

WOW. Back when Kitty and RK first started, our first weekend they had 26 people for the entire weekend. RK looked at her and she looked at him, and they both said, no matter what, we have enough money tucked away that we can do this for an entire year, have a great time and hopefully the right people will find us, appreciate the great facility we have built, and of course people from all over the country will find other couples to meet and everything is going to work out.

Well, we had done our homework. We spent 6 months designing the club and another 6 months completing all the rennovations...

Kitty and RK have been through alot together. In the beginning they would work the front door, bartend, make beds, DJ, clean, Hostess and walk people to their cars. Kitty & RK were the entire staff. Well, we can remember a few nights either we made $5 bucks as a bartender for the entire night, or we were digging out of our pockets to pay the DJ because there were only 10 people that showed up on a winters night.

Those were the days, where we all sat up at the bar and wouldn't let anyone down on the dance floor because the weather was so bad no one showed up. We had a ball. We played every game we had in the club. There RK was showeling the snow from the front door so we could get people to their cars...

Kitty and I first met when RK was teaching a commercial real estate class over at HER Realty downtown and she was a new Real Estate agent that kept asking questions about spliting commissions. It wasn't five minutes after class, that she was challenging him to live up to what he
said at class. That's what RK always loved and respected about her, "Live up to what you say". Well he always lived up to what he agreed to and within 6 weeks, she had convinced me to let her join their small Commercial Real Estate group. Well we never looked back.

We have had a wonderful time bringing commercial real estate deals to small and mid size owners and companies. And we have been at the right place at the right time to bring a deal together that benefits everyone
in the community. We can remember the first deal we ever did together. Kitty was driving us to an out of town meeting where we were going to meet the owners of a closed restaurant/bar. RK kept reminding her, no
matter what, we will tell them what we feel about their place. Well, no matter what we said, the owners felt we were speaking their language and they believed in us and even though it took a year, we sold that restaurant/bar and we were onto the next deal. We were very lucky. But at the same time, we didn't just go spend our commissions. We had a PLAN. I think one year we sold more churches or leased more Church space than all the real estate groups together. And neither of us goes to Church, so go figure, they liked our Rosary or something.

We can't tell you how many hundreds of times someone has come up to one of us and said, I met your husband, or Your wife is so nice... Kitty and I aren't married to each other but have been business partners 12 years.
Some would say we fight like cats and dogs and others say, we should be married because we act just like an old married couple. But the truth is we have been married to others before and why screw up a good thing.
The Princeton Club started out as a fantasy of ours that was designed to bring people together to enjoy HEAVEN ON EARTH and we have succeeded along with the members and staff.

So I guess I said all that to answer the question... What's the difference in weekends with Kitty or RK. As a Couple said to me this weekend, "RK, I have to talk to you about the Club." I said to him and his wife, "What is it that's on your mind". The wife looked at the husband and husband looked at the wife and they almost said it
simultanousely, "You and Kitty have created something here that you don't find anywhere else in the country. It's a laid back, atmosphere, where all kinds or people from all walks of life enter the building and are treated with so
much respect and love. You truely have created a friendly atmosphere where we all feel so safe and sexy."

Kitty and I want you to know that no matter who is at the building that night, we want you to feel SAFE, we want the facility to be CLEAN (and we make sure it is), and we want our Ladies to feel EMPOWERED, SEXY and IN CHARGE.

So the next time you come to Princeton, close your eyes, wish upon a star and expect that your wish will be granted by either "The Queen of SHEBA Kitty, or The Master of Ceremonies, RK. It's all about Love, The Freedom to Express Yourself in either speech or
sexuality and of course the person with the MOST ORGASMS... WINS.

Kitty is RK and RK is Kitty (As long as she is nice and sweet and makes you feel at home and as long as he doesn't trip over his ponytail or his ego...

Long, Live, Love...

The Princeton Club

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