Newsletter: Jul 07, 2011

Dear Members,

Well we have a fantastic lineup this week. Kara is celebrating her Birthday, so all you fantastic members, show up and wish Kara a Happy Birthday this Friday for the "Tight Ass Jeans Night".

Of course upstairs, you can enjoy the Club V2 party with our Full figured Party and their new Outdoor Spa. WOW.

Then Saturday we have another great Naughty School Girl party downstairs... But the real news story is just about to come out..

Can you believe it... Another year has gone by and we are starting our preparations for The Black White Formal Affair Party which will be August 13th this year...

The New VIP Spa is OPEN... And we have a BIG Surprise for those of you coming to this years Black White Formal Affair Party... We can't tell you what the surprise is but it is EARTH SHATTERING... Of course it's all GOOD!!! Could it be the announcement that there is another Club that wants to join the Princeton Family??? You won't know til you get to The Black White formal Affair...Just last month Rk announced the purchase of another Ohio Club in Middletown. Now What?

Both The Princeton and VIP Clubs will be open for the Black White, 3 DJ's will be a playing (two inside and one outside) 4 Bar areas with 7 Ladies Waiting, and it's the same price as last year... You remember the 525 people that came last year. Well this year we want to top 600 hundred for the Black White Formal Affair...

So some people are asking, Do I have to dress up for this Party? Well, of course you do. Where else are you going to see such sexy outfits... Do not wear jeans, beachwear, or something tacky. It is the most dress up party of the SUMMER, the BIGGEST MIDWEST PARTY, the Sexiest Party, and there are going to be people from all over the country coming to Princeton... Come dressed in all Black, or all White or a combination of Black White.

Dinner, Dancing, Swimming, Food GALORE, and SEXY bodies all over the place. 23,500 sf of PURE PLEASURE brought to you by RK and those fabulous Princeton Staffers. No one does it better, than Princeton and the VIP Club.

Be sure to tell all your Friends where you'll be on August 13th, THE BIGGEST PARTY IN THE MIDWEST...

Brought to you by Princeton and their Classy Members!!!

Plus everyone coming to this years Black White can get a FREE Pass to the August 20th party called The Princeton 800 Party but you have to come to the Black White Party to pick up your pass... What is the Princeton 800? It means that Princeton has had over 800 parties since we first opened our doors in October 2004. 800 PARTIES, well that is something to celebrate...

Come on Princeton Members... You don't want to miss the BIGGEST Party of the SUMMER!!! Get the Babysitter, call your parents, work overtime, rearrange the vacation, press those pants, shirts and dresses and shine the shoes and get ready to PARTEE!!!

It's the Black White Formal Affair! RK will have his TUX on and he wants to see everyone decked out... Come on Ladies, you know what to do... Step it up.

Let's see Dinner, Dancing, Swimming, Food Galore, all for the same price as last year... $60 from 8-2:30 -

Of course if you want to party hard downstairs,and then you want to stay later you can say make it a VIP Black White Night and Party til 6am in the morning upstairs at the VIP Club with all your friends... All those of you that want the VIP Party, VIP Entrance, Pre-paid, party all night, No wait in Line, VIP WRISTBANDS and breakfast in bed or standing up... Can do so by just saying VIP PLEASE...

We know what you mean...

Can't wait to see all the fashion this year...See you at The Black White... The Princeton Club

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