The Staff at the Club is unbelieveable...

Newsletter: Jun 19, 2011

Dear Members,

Recently RK restructured the management and staff for his weekends and we want to give you the run down...

Jenn is one of the Hottest Lifestyle Managers in the country and she knows how to provide the top customer service for our members.

Mary is the woman at the Ticket booth. She is always coming themed and we can always count on Mary handling her duties.

Breanne is one of the sweetest Hostesses we have ever had at Princeton and it doesn't hurt that she is a 20 something. Gorgeous and Brilliant and she loves the members and also handles our ticket booth operations.

Gin handles the private and group areas with the skill of a surgeon. She is so sweet, fast and effificent. She loves to make the members feel at ease when it comes to cleanliness at Princeton and The VIP Club.

Kara & Christine are some of the best bartenders in the business. They are going to be helping us improve our customer service at Princeton, The VIP Club and Sinday. Be on the look out for a new party involving our bartenders.

Dirk & Randal have been with RK almost 8 years helping him keep the club clean and improved. We wouldn't be where we are today without them.

Alex, Rob, Bryan, Aaron & Aaron have been spinning the tunes recently we are so appreciative of all their hard work. We hope that when you visit the club please be sure you submit your song requests.

Jackie our fantastic body painter did another great job this past weekend for our members. More ladies were body painted this Saturday night than any other night.

We set a record this weekend. There were more people that visited Princeton and The VIP Club in the past two weeks for RK's Parties than any other time for our summertime months. You guessed it, 762 people visited us for two weekends. Thank you Princeton & VIP Club Members.

The Black White Party is up on our website and please go to our event section August 13th and read all about it. Because you have made RK's Parties the number 1 place to be in the Midwest he is rewarding you. Everyone coming to the Black White Party will get a FREE Saturday Night Pass for the August 20th party called "Princeton 800". So make plans now to be at the BIGGEST SWINGERS PARTY IN THE MIDWEST ON AUGUST 13TH AND GET A FREE PASS FOR THE NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT. IT IS A MEMBERS APPRECIATION DOUBLE HEADER.

Plus you might be one of the lucky ladies to receive a FREE "Life Art Casting" by our own Becky. That's right Body Sculpting by a true professional and sexy body in her own right. We call it Life Art Casting. So if you want to see your torso on the Wall of Fame up in the VIP Club, be at the Black White and see some of the top fashion of the year.

Long, Live, Love,

RK & the Staff of Princeton & The VIP Club

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