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Newsletter: Apr 18, 2011

Dear Members,

Alot of things are happening at Princeton this coming weekend.

This Friday we are having a "Tight Ass Jeans Night", so Ladies it's time to pull that favorite pair of jeans out of the closet and pull them on. There will be a contest for the tightest pair... You could win a VIP Beach Club Membership ($50) or a 50% off ticket to this years "Black White Affair" party August 14th. And you know every one wants to come to the biggest party of the summer. Over 500 people will be at The Black White Affair".

Then Saturday Night could be your lucky night... We are introducing a brand New Party called "Naughty General Hospital" and we want everyone coming themed to this party. Here's why.

If you come as a couple themed to the Naughty General Hospital party, bring a new couple that has never been to Princeton before (and the new couple must come themed as well) and get to the club before 9pm, ALL FOUR OF YOU CAN GET INTO THE CLUB... FREE!!!

This is an unbelieveable Princeton deal. Call the Doctor because RK must be losing his mind. He's never done this before. Before the ether wears off get online and start talking to classy, nice, respectful couples from all over the midwest and tell them, that you would like to invite them to a special party and everyone can get into the party for FREE and here's how...

You all should be dusting off your laptops all week long and talk to everyone all over the midwest. Princeton is the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest and everyone should be beating a path down to the Club this weekend.

Plus the VIP Glow Party will be open at 11 and runs til 5am. So for a little dough you get into the VIP Party and play til 5am. There will be DJ's on both floors, so what are you waiting for...

Don't just wait til Friday, get your fanny in high gear and start asking everyone that's classy, nice and respectful if they would like to meet you at Princeton and get into the Club FREE... Who in their right mind is going to refuse an offer like this one...

And don't stop at asking one couple. What if their babysitter gets sick... Invite as many couples as you can, because you don't want to get to the front door empty handed, not when you can get into Princeton for FREE!!!

Of course your membership must be up to date, but even if it isn't RK will give you a FREE pass if it turns out you need to renew your membership again. So what does that mean. Well let's say you have been a Princeton member but your membership has expired. So you will need to renew it. So you normally pay $99 for an annual membership and we let you into the Party for FREE that night. Well this Saturday if you bring a new couple and both of you are themed and you get to the Club before 9 but you find out that your membership is expired, just pay the $99 membership fee, get into the party free that night plus RK will give you another Party Pass to get into Princeton FREE on another night.

That's an unbelieveable deal for members who need to renew their membership again. Don't just sit on the sidelines, folks. We have so much to show you at the club...

See you this weekend for a Tight Ass Jeans Night on Friday and Naughty General Hospital and The VIP Glow Party where you can party til 5am...

Long, Live, Love...

RK and the Princeton Staff

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