Fridays and Saturdays at both Clubs

Newsletter: Apr 12, 2011

Dear Club Members,

There are alot of different people in "The Lifestyle" and at Princeton we do our best to try and include both singles and couples. There are Single Females who are looking for Single Men. There are Single Females who are looking for other Single Women. There are Single Females looking for Married Women. There are Single Females looking for Couples. There are Single Females looking for threesomes and so many more combinations...

Then you have Single Men, Couples, Bi Curious Women, and the list goes on and on and on...

At Princeton not only do you have a world class club, but you have two Clubs, two patios, a fantastic staff that is working their fannies off to keep up with the demands of the evening and of course so much more going on.

The question is what happens when one member or one couple does not like a member whether they are a man or woman because of what they have said, implied, or acted. Well, you can help us by coming up to a Staffer and telling us what has just happened so we can address the situation right then and there.

We want the evening to go smoothly and we work hard to make that happen. However sometimes we find someone needs to be reminded of the rules, or if they can't remember the rules, escort them to the door. Princeton is a private club that has the ability to be flexible and the reputation of one of the top clubs in the club because we care.

Every one of our members has a vital role in "The Lifestyle" and if everyone communicates with our Staff, we will continue to be the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.

Of course if you heard what a Couple from Indianapolis said to me on Saturday Night I think you'd quite agree. This Couple has been to over 25 Clubs in the country including all the Clubs in South Florida, Texas, California, PA, IN and IL and they said "hands down Princeton along with the VIP Club is the most unique, best laid out, best designed Club with the most professional staff of any Club they had ever been too".

All throughout the night this couple kept coming up to me shaking their head, saying, You have the Best Club in the Country...

Well folks, we have a long ways to go before I am ever willing to agree to that one, but we aren't far from the top. And the longer, we are in business the more we want to make it better, from top to bottom.

So the next time something catches your eye, or you see something that needs to be fixed, or a single guy or gal in your opinion may have crossed the line, just walk up to a staffer and let us know what you think. We'll check it out and take care of the issue right then and there. No sense in waiting til the club is closed. We want to know right away. That way everyone will enjoy the night.

Speaking of Night, there were 140 people at both clubs on Friday night this past weekend. And on Saturday Night there were just over 400 people at both clubs. So in two nights over 540 people. That means there were alot of people from all over the midwest meeting new people and enjoying new experiences.

We are working hard to get our Friday Nights up to about 200 people for two clubs. You all can help us. Get on other Lifestyle sites and encourage your friends to come and see you or invite other couples that you would like to meet at Princeton... Of course if you bring a new couple and get to the club before 9, we typically have a special that gets everyone in for a really discounted rate... So help yourself, by helping others.

And not only should you be thinking of others, have you seen the ads that we are running throughout the Club about the New Daytime VIP Beach Club coming May 27th from 10am -5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WOW!!! The Patio will be open every weekend for tanning and of course so much more. There will be a bartender on hand, spas, a pool, Tiki Huts, lounge chairs, and other people to help put that sun tan lotion on your back... With or without a bathing suit.

Princeton is the only Private Lifestyle Club that has a Clothing Optional Patio for their Members in the Greater Central Ohio area. So what r u waiting for. Get online and tell all your friends where you'll be all summer long on the weekends.

Speaking of weekends, you won't believe what we have in store for you this weekend... Both Clubs will be open both nights...

ON Friday Night we have Kara's Kowgirl Party Night downstairs and the Fetish Foreplay Party upstairs...

On Saturday we have Jimmy's Margaritaville Party downstairs and Live Music @ the VIP Club featuring "Thump Daddy" a famous R & B player with a rocking out band.

You don't want to miss a thing. And if you haven't noticed we completely stripped out the dance floor last week, completely repainted the walls a totally different color, changed out the red table clothes for a Blingy, Glitterly kind, added a lounge bed in one of the corners and there is more coming...

Wanna find out what we're gonna do on the Patio, 14 private rooms and the big red group area? Well, you're just going to have to stop by Princeton with all your friends and find out.

Long, Live, Love...

RK and the Staff

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