Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Newsletter: Mar 30, 2011

Hey, Hey, HeyÖ..

Holy Tamoli Iíve enjoyed All the comments on the Fan Club this Week. I want to thank Everyone for their posts including the woman that started the hole dang thing. Ha! I hope that you all have learned how important it is to tell the staff about disrespectful encounters with other members. Waiting weeks or even months is UNACCEPTABLE!. Listen, ALL Princeton Club Members, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that EVERYONE TREATS EACHOTHER RESPECTFULLY. You signed up to be a member and it comes with responsibilities for all: OWNERS, STAFF & MEMBERS. I want to thank all the members that posted their experiences of disrespect and I am so happy that the level of distaste reached me. I have no idea why it took so long and that is why Iím spending one more minute on this issue. As you all know, I care about many things and another personís opinion of me isnít one of them. I will always do what is Best for the Club. My goal, as the owner of this fine, fine club, is to provide you with a safe environment, that we follow the State of Ohio rules and laws that govern this fine, fine club and that EVERYONE TREATS EACHOTHER RESPECTUFLLY!

OK, so now on to one of the many things that I really care a lot aboutÖ.The Gladden House.
http://www.gladden-us.org/Gladden/Welcome.html Itís just a few blocks from the club ( the corner of Glenwood & Sullivant) and often youíll see a line of people around the block waiting for the House to open to receive FOOD. We all know how long this damn winter has been, the @?>%$$ economy, and just life in general so I would like to offer a raffle for a FREE Luxury Party House Pass to all members that pay for VIP (1st Floor Motorcycle Sybian and 1st Floor VIP Hostess Service) at my party on Saturday, April 2. All Proceeds from the VIP Upgrade will be donated to Gladden. Iím happy to report that we sent $444 to Gladden from the NYE 2010 Party Blue Jean Pass ( I never thought I would thank anyone for wearing blue jeans to a nye party butÖÖIím really grateful !!! And most importantly the many recipients of that $444 are as well). ď Ya do the Hokey Pokey & ya Turn Yourself AroundÖ.And, thatís what itís all aboutÖ ya do the Hokey PokeyÖĒ

Now, comes the Fun! We are going to have a Group Strip Tease starting at Midnight and Iím going to pick my Favorite Birthday Suit. Now Ladies and Gents letís Get Creative (beads, scarves, chaps, you name it) The Winner is going to receive a Free Friday Night Pass! Weíll have a Beautiful Birthday Cake as a display/centerpiece (please donít cut the beautiful cake I want to keep it for a few days) and another one from Mozarts that we can Eat! You may see me pulled up to it with a chair & fork so donít be alarmed, just say Hi and Iíll work in a response as best I can. HA! And later (or earlier) in the night instead of a body shot contest letís have a Happy Endings Birthday Cake Lick-Off. Did I mention itís a Vanilla Cream Iced, Rasberry -White Torte, Edible Birthday Cake from MozartsÖÖMMMMmmmmmmmm

Thanks to all of the members that sent Dave & Jimmy/ WNCI a message. You have received an email with info about your FREE PASSES to the Party. Ed & Wendy your message was over the top and Congratulations on your FREE NYE 2011 VIP Pass. Thank You!!!!!!

Please go to our website for all our discounts so you can keep some change in your pocket.

See ya at the Best Club in the Universe,

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