Murder Mystery & Princeton Profiles Parties

Newsletter: Mar 27, 2008

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Holy Smokes do we have a Great Weekend Party List that you won't want to miss. On Friday we are hosting the Murder Mystery Party with Dave and Wanda as our Host/ess with the Mostest! Please go to our website, and sign up as a Murder Mystery Character. And if you just want to come and find out Who Dunnit, that's OK, too. The Dress Theme is the Roaring 20's so get out your Flapper Dress,Garter Belt, Fidora Hat and Have Some Fun. There will be a Silent Auction that you can cash in your Murder Mystery Play Money for all those Clever Princeton Club Members that figure out the Mystery.

Saturday we are highlighting Princeton Profiles with several Princeton Club Members that have their Princeton Profile on our Big Screen TV for you to view at the club. And Kitty and RK have posted their Princeton Profile on YouTube and you can view it by clicking here This is an example of the Princeton Profile that we did as a Club Profile and not an individual one. But, we chose to use as our vehicle to broadcast the Princeton Profile concept as well as to let you all know that we can produce a Princeton Profile that will allow you to talk about what you are interested in experiencing as well as keeping your anonymity by either wearing a mask or not showing your face in the video. Jack will be available on Saturday and you can get started on your Profile or email/call us and we will reserve a time slot for you on Saturday. Think about what you would like to share others and add it to your Princeton Profile. Go to our website and read more about the Princeton Profile concept.
The Princeton Profiles is a great opportunity for members that are new to the Lifestyle and want to learn more and to meet others in the Lifestyle. So say you are at a Princeton Club Party and you decide that after viewing Suzie Q and John C Holmes's Profile you would be very interested in meeting them. You discover that they are at the party that night and you walk up to them and introduce yourself because you feel that you already know them and you have something in common with them. Bam! Folks, this is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to meet some really Great Princeton Club Members. Come to any of our Princeton Club Parties and meet some Wonderful Princeton Club Members via their Princeton Club Profiles.
Spring Has Sprung, Hallelujah!!!!! See you on the Dance Floor.
Kitty and RK

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