Happy holidays & New Years Eve

Newsletter: Dec 20, 2010

Dear Members,

We want to thank everyone that came out for the HoHoHo & GLOW Parties held at Princeton this past weekend.  What a GREAT turnout. WOW!

The entire Princeton Staff want to wish all of our members a very SAFE and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.  The Club will be closed this Friday and Saturday Dec 24 & 25th.

Of course we will reopen the Club Friday December 31st and Jan 1st for the MEGA NYE BLING Parties. 

We have made the NYE Parties so unbelieveably reasonably priced.  FOLKS if you bring a new couple to the Friday December 31st it is only $69 per couple.  If you can't find a new couple, the entire cost is only $99 per couple.  You really can't get a regular dinner for those prices and we are the LARGEST LIFESTYLE CLUB IN THE COUNTRY!  You will have access to the entire first floor.  And that includes the NEW "ATTIC ROOM" with 6 new play areas.    That brings Princeton to 40 PLAY AREAS on the first floor.

If you want to access the second floor VIP CLUB and the the first flooor club, the entire cost for NYE is only $139  You have access to the 29 VIP PLAY AREAS which are found on the second floor, plus you can play and dance on the first floor as well.  There will be DJs on both floors.

So whether you are on a tight budget and are bringing a new couple and you want the $69 per couple special, or you want the VIP NYE ticket for $139 per couple, everyone will have some of the best catered food on this planet.  There will be FOOD, FOOD, FOOD every where.  Both on the first floor and on the second floor.  Desserts, Chocolate, and even champagne donated by one of our members for your enjoyment.

Princeton as you know is the TOP rated Club in the Midwest and you need to be at the Sexiest, Classiest NYE Party in the country.  As one new member said this past weekend.  "Princeton is where classy meets comfy".

ON Saturday Jan 1st Princeton will again be open and it is a bargain for everyone at $39 per couple for the evening.

Remember it is the BLING NEW YEARS EVE PARTY, so get dolled up and make it a BLING THING!

Love and Kissses,

The Princeton Club

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