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Newsletter: Nov 12, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Just to let all the Halloween attendees know the results of the Contests:  Tiger & Elan, Marie Antionette, Roller Girl, Cleopatra and last but certainly not least Sheriff Kenny and CowGirl Rachel (both in Chaps).  And Ed and Wendy won the Florida Trip!

If you missed the 1st Girls Night Out Fun Party make sure you put the next party, January 21, 2011, in your planner.  We'll have a Mobile
Spray Tan vendor and we'll be raffling off a Free Spray Tan.  If you're not the winner you can still get your spray tan at the party that night!  And Make-Up by Olivia will be on hand with Make-Up Demos and, of course, Mary will be telling you all about the latest and greatest lotion, potions & toys.  We give away 2 FREE DRINKS to help you get the party started.  This is NOT a Swingers Party so be sure and invite all your Vanilla BFFs!  It's a Ladies ONLY party and we'll have security in the parking lot escorting you to the portico door and up to the second floor VIP Room!  So take a little time out of your busy schedule and have some fun with your lady friends.

And.....we wanted to share a message that we received from Big Rob and Jane ( )  They gave us permission to share this and Holy Smokies it's  Hot !!!!

THANK YOU for helping us !
We visited for the first time Halloween & had NEVER been around the lifestyle before. She is VERY timid and self conscious about her body. She is VERY beautiful and I tell her that EVERY DAY !
She doesn't see the attention she gets from others, she is 38 and still gets carded to go in most places (she looks very young), I am a BIG guy @ 6'2" / 300 lbs so anytime she is with me, guys tend to not stare BUT I catch them eyeballing her UNTIL I make eye contact with them and they look away real quick (lol) !
She is very curvy IN ALL the right places and has discovered that she can dress Very sexy and command attention !
She wore black booty pants with fishnets & a bra on Sexy mens dress shirt night & Got Lots of looks from everyone. She hates to admit it, but she likes the attention !
On Halloween she wore "booty pants & a Bustier" with fishnets and had NEVER worn anything like that in public.
She was Very reserved our 1st night (Halloween) and didn't really venture out into the club much.....we did have VIP passes that night & upstairs we saw a "group" of folks in one of the rooms & watched for just a minute. I told her on the drive home I wish I could have watched more, but she said she didn't want to be standing around in a big group watching . That night when we got back to the hotel we had incredible sex & talked about how turned on we were by being in the atmosphere the club provided !
Our 2nd visit was last sat. night and she spent the majority of the night on the dance floor , we did venture out into the club later and watched a little bit ,but she is still not comfortable watching for a long amount of time, she says she just wants to take a "quick peek" and move on . (lol)
We were moving thru the hallway and I talked her into looking at the rooms by the Sybian and I showed her that you Could make this private if you wanted. All of the rooms were empty, so we went in a room and drew the blinds and soon after we took the room,some folks moved into the one next door (2 people at first) and the female was being VERY vocal & It heated up our room. She said she thinks that there were 4 people in the room next door by the time it ended But the sounds coming out of that room really turned us on !
She kept telling me "I told you we weren't going to do this in the club", "We were going to wait till we got home" . So much for that !
By the time it was over , we Both were up trying to see what was going on next door (lol) , but they had their curtain pulled.
We have been together for over 8 years and love each other very much. Thanks to your club we have spent the last 2 weeks shopping for outfits & planning for sat. nights at the club !
thank you !

See Ya on the Dance Floor!
Kitty and RK

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