Listen to a Womans Fantasy.

Newsletter: Nov 05, 2010

While reading one woman's fantasies posted on the internet, we decided to respond to her, but then thought there are more ladies out there that would like to hear what our thoughts are...  Here is what she wrote and our response...

I'm a "straight" woman who has been reading these ads for months and getting off to them alone in my living room. I keep imagining inviting a woman over, and having her walk in the door... kissing me... and then dominating me - maybe roughly, maybe gently... it depends on my mood. I like the idea of her making me do things - making me get on my knees and lick her pussy, making me lick her ass, making me go to another city and perform for her in public. I like the idea of going to the Princeton Club with her, too. I have all these fantasies, and I know that I'm ready to make them reality.

The stats: I'm 5'5, around 135 pounds. I'm 26 and I have two college degrees. I'm funny, personable and smart, but I don't even know how to approach a woman, and I don't want anyone that I know to know. I'm not ashamed, but it would be all about the sex, so it's nobody else's business.

I have pictures, and I contemplated putting them up here, but I think I'll hold off for my first ad. If we do decide to meet (voice verify, of course), I'll get a hotel room. That will be safer than meeting at either of our homes, and it's kind of naughty and hot, too.

Please send a picture with your response - it doesn't have to be naughty right now - and tell me about you.

I can't wait to hear from you! Oh... hmmm... Columbus is getting colder, and the rumor is that there will be flurries tomorrow :(

Here is our response...

Dear Sweetie,


Your plea for direction is one that we want to take a moment and respond to.  Hi, We are the owners of The Princeton Club. Over the years we have met tens of thousands of people that want exactly what you want.  An Answer to their inner most feelings.  The "How To" to fantasies.  The beautiful side of this...  Fantasies do come true and there are people who can fulfill your fantasies.  It just takes a little while to find that match.


The safest place to start looking is the Princeton Club.  The reason is simple.  People from all walks of life come to Princeton to find what you are looking for.  You have a fantasy that involves a Sexual Domme making you do things that you would not normally do but want to experience.  A BDSM Domme will not be able to handle your request because they will not normally participate on the intimate sexual side.  So you need a female that will dominate you and you can find her at Princeton.


I would start by coming to the Club with your partner and begin meeting single females and couples that enjoy women on women play only (guys either stay on the sideline or are not invited to the play room). Be selective and go slow.  You will find that certain someone that clicks with you.  The exciting part of this is you will evolve and find out that there are even more fantasies inside of you that will want to be realized and acted upon.  Not all encounters fulfill your perfect fantasy inside your mind.  Don't get discouraged, just try again.  You'll find what you're looking and awhole lot more.

You can even post this same ad on our Fan Club format found on our website and let women know that you will be at Princeton on these dates and those ladies that want to participate can meet you and see if things click for both of you.  The journey to complete a fantasy is part of the fantasy and just as important.  So have fun on your journey.

Long, Live, Love.


The Princeton Club

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