Foot Fetish, Lady Roper, Fire & Ice - Saturday at

Newsletter: Oct 14, 2010

Dear Members,

Friday is the Fetish Foreplay Party and we have a Foot Massager, a Lady who wants to tie you up, A Domme that has her whip and best intentions, and our Fire & Ice Team.  Come dressed in Black or in your Leathers.

Plus there are a few couples that are looking for some hot  sexy single guys.  Now guys don't be bashful because these ladies are Hot, Hot, Hot and they don't want to be disappointed when they come by Princeton.  So all you good looking guys get ready for a night to remember. 

And we are giving away two free tickets to the Scaritorium... It is soooooooooo scary there.

Plus, RK is looking for 6 guys who would like to be involved in a private party this coming week either Wednesday or Thursday where we have a few ladies who want to get to know all about you.  There are minimum requirements so get down to the Club and find out if you measure up.  We are serious about our Private Fantasy Parties. 

Ladies, I haven't forgotten about you either.  RK is also looking for 4-6 Sexy Princeton Pussycats that want to Host, Bartend, and be a fluffer for all the up coming private parties that are scheduled in November, December and all throughout next year, called "Sexual Fantasy Parties".  Come down to the club this Friday in order to be considered.

It's a Tailgate Party... Saturday we are opening up at 7pm because some of you asked us to open before the game starts.  So, the Club will be open at 7pm.  Everyone that is going to watch the game should be at Princeton to watch the game on the big screen.  Remember it is a Naughty Gras Party so bring your Masks and Beads...

We are giving away a Florida trip, the VIP Club is open and it's FREE on Saturday to all of our members and will be open til 5am. And so much more.

Single Guys get down to the Club.
Sexy Princeton Pussycats get down to the Club.
Football Fans get down to the Club.
Naughty Gras Couples that want to get Naughty ... Come on Down!
Glow Party participants that want to play up in the VIP Club... Come on Down.  We have plenty of Glow Sticks...
Those of you that want to celebrate Sweetest Day at Princeton...
Come on Down.  We have a Body Painter and Cariacature artist that will be up in the VIP Club on Saturday and it's FREE to all of our Members...


See you this weekend.

The Princeton Club

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