The Black White Affair Weekend

Newsletter: Aug 10, 2010

Dear Members,

Yes it's that time of year when we all are getting ready to visit Princeton for the Black White Affair Weekend.  Now if you just woke up from 20 years of sleeping, you would be hearing this for the first time.

The Black White Affair is the BIGGEST SUMMER Party of the year.  It's a Dress Up Party when people from all over the country come to Princeton to renew the friendships they have made at the Club for the past 6 years.  It is truly a remarkable party.  It is a FASHION SHOW!  We have just finished the Menu and it is a knock out.  And for some of you pizza addicts, pizza is not on the menu.  Smoked Salmon, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Rice, Chicken, Strip Steak, Cheese Trays, Fresh Fruit Trays, Dessert Trays all being catered in for you.

We didn't know it when we started out but with all the additions we have made to the Club since we started back in 2004,  Princeton has become the Largest Lifestyle Club in the Country.  It is home of the MEGA Party and we are so excited to be able to bring such a classy and upscale facility to all of the lifestylers.

Both the Princeton Club, the VIP Club which is located on the second floor and the Patio are open this Saturday night.  That's over 23,000sf of PURE Pleasure and the total cost for couples from In Town of Out of Town is only $60.  Both the first floor and the second floor areas are open at 8pm and both will close at 5am.  There is a free shuttle which will operate from Grove City at the Microtel Hotel located at the corner of Stingtown Road and Jackpot Road.  It will start at 7:40 and run every 30 minutes.

Now if you have been to the Black White Party you know how cool it is.  Be sure to tell all your friends to meet you at Princeton this weekend.  If you have never been to the Black White Party you do not want to miss this event.  You will talk about it all year long.  Who you met, who was there, what she was wearing, what you're going to wear next year...  Did you see that gal who dressed like Lady Gaga?  Did you see Justin Timberlake & Denzel Washington? 

The Black White Party is the SIZZLE, the MEAT & POTATOES, your lucky cloverleaf for the entire year... And you have to be at this Party or you will be saying "If only I hadn't missed the Black White..."

Well Folks there are FIVE Days left til the MEGA Party and we want to see all of our lifestyle friends. Oh by the way RED BULL called us today and insisted on sponsoring the event, so the RED BULL Bar will again be on the Patio where we are storing all your beer and wine.  Plus they are introducing RED BULLS new 5 hour energy drink so be sure to check that out as well.  So be sure to come and visit the RED BULL Staffers on the Patio.  There will be a photographer on site who is available to take your private pictures, so if you want a shot or two all dressed up, take a minute to have your private picture taken by our staff photographer.  Of course just a reminder that no one is allowed to take pictures on premise.  We allow our Staff photographer to take private pictures in a secluded section of of the club only.

So get online today and tell all your friends to meet you at Princeton for the Black White.  Of course you might not want to forget what's happening this Friday.  We roll out a new Party called "Brittany's Panty Party" so if you want to meet Brittany be sure to stop in and enjoy the new Panty Party this Friday night.

There are New T Shirts available, New Adult Toys, and as always the Black White Weekend is Hosted by RK and the VIP Club.  So be sure to stop in and see him this weekend.  He'll be in his Tux and can't wait to see everyone.  Or maybe you will be one of the lucky winners who will win a trip to Florida, win a years membership, get a free pass to the VIP Club, who knows what else is in store for you at the Black White MEGA Party.

Love and Kisses,

The Princeton Club

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