This Weekend will be a BLAST.

Newsletter: Aug 05, 2010

Stripper Pole ContestAugust 6th - Stripper Pole Contest

If you know the Pole like it's your Best Friend than this party is for YOU.  Kitty is looking for that Special Princeton Club Member that knows how to work the Pole.  Bring your own music and show all Your Princeton Club PussyCats Your Pole Dancng Stuff.  The Theme tonight is Stripper Pole jean night.  Wear your Platforms and your tighest jeans and Dance Like There's No Tomorrow!

 All Contestants receive a 50%  Friday Pass and the Winner receives a FREE Friday Night VIP Pass.  The Contest starts at 11pm so get to the club early and practice your moves.

Hey newlyweds, wanna be newlyweds or maybe just pretend newlyweds, get ready to test your knowledge of each other's favorite toys, positions or stripper pole song themes.  Tonight we'll be playing the Newlywed Game and it will be fun for ALL.  You can team up with your soul mate, BFF or choose a partner that you just met at the club.  It's Up To YOU!  Ha!  It's a Fun Party and Tabitha and Antoinette, our Hostesses with the Mostesess, will have you laughing your head off. 

And for ALL CURRENT IN/OUT OF TOWN MEMBERS, get to the club before 9:00pm and bring a new couple or single female, IT'S $20 per person (please ask your new members to fill out our free online application so the process is easy and fast).  And all new couples that have never been to the club and arrive before 9pm can attend the party tonight for $30 (Total) and you MUST send us a free online application prior to coming to the club..  All Single Females that Bring a Single Female Friend that has never been to the club before (they must send us a free online application), It's FREE FOR ALL.  So be sure and tell all your friends if they want to keep some change in their pocket and party at the best club in the Universe, this is the night to do it.  We will be offering this discount the first and last Friday of the Month, so be sure and mark it down in your planner: $20 + BYOB = Cheap Date.

It's August, It's HOT, and all Club's AC units are working to keep you COOL.  So email all your friends and come visit Princeton this weekend!

See Ya on the Dance Floor,
Kitty and RK

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