WNCI & Viva Valezz on Friday

Newsletter: Apr 22, 2010

Hello Princeton PussyKats,

As you know, we have invited Dave & Jimmy from WNCI (97.9) Morning Zoo to come the club on Friday, April 24. They will be taping a radio broadcast at the club on Friday that will be aired Monday, April 26 and I (Kitty) will be answering some of their question on Friday, April 24 during the morning program.  They are expecting to arrive at 10pm but they mentioned that they may have to get a "little liquid courage" to walk through the door.  They are scared out of their wits just like we all were the first time we walked into a Swing Club.     If you would like to be a part of their program and tell Central Ohio what's so Great about Swinging, we look forward to seeing you.  We are offering a discount of $10/Person to all our current Princeton Club Members, if you arrive before 10pm and your pass will include an upgrade to the second floor (200 or more current members attend) or the private areas of the club.  After midnight, no new members will have access to either of these areas.  We also will be checking all bags, coolers, etc and, as always, only current single male Princeton Club Members that are escorted by a current couple or single female will be permitted in the private areas of the club.  No new single male members will be permitted in the private areas of the club, at any time during the party ( tour only).  And after midnight, no new members of the club will be permitted in the private areas of the club. 


Now for the fun party.  We will be presenting Viva and the Velvet Hearts ( http://www.VivaValezz.com  at 11:30pm.  We promise this show will knock your socks off ( pun intended) and push Dave & Jimmy over the edge.  As in " Let's Give'em Something To Talk About".   We can't wait!


Kevin, Monica & Nicole will be serving some yummy spring drinks:

Choclate Coverd Strawberry-
Delicous rich smooth chocolate with fresh strawberries, mix with your choice of liquor and cream. Use light rum, Vodka, Strawberry vodka, or my personal favorite vanilla vodka. This creamy treat will not disapoint.


Fresh Strawberry Lemonaide-
Fresh strawberries juiced and sweetend with sugar and fresh lemons to create the classic drink. The best way to beat the heat... or get it started. Just add any flavor of vodka, light rum, or get real crazy and add tequila!


Strawberry Martini-
Simple and classic. Fresh strawberries muddled with your favorite vodka or tequila. Simple, sweet and delicous. Shaked with ice and poured into a martini glass. This sweet treat will really get the party started.


Classic Princeton Strawberry drinks-
Strawberry cream soda, strawberry daquri, strawberry lime aide, and princeton pussy are all available tonight as well.

And if you can't make it on Friday, stop by for the Sexy Mens White Dress Shirt Party.  It's easy and Sexy! 


See Ya on the Dance Floor,

Kitty and RK

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