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Newsletter: Feb 15, 2010

Dear Members,

For the almost 500 people who attended the Princeton Valentine Party on Saturday, you were not disappointed.  There were so many couples and single ladies at Princeton and everyone was so decked out and dressed up.  You were all goregous. 

Just as we said in our previous newsletters, if we reached 450 people, we would open the new second floor and just after 11pm, the doors were open and hundreds flocked upstairs to see what we have been creating.  Everyone wanted to play upstairs last night and no one wanted to leave.  In fact we finally shooed the last person out at about 7am.  What a Night of EXCITEMENT.

Did you say fabulous food.  We served steak, honeybaked ham, shrimp, rice, scalloped potatoes, champagne was flowing and the desserts were out of this world.  Chocloate covered strawberries were available all night long on the pinapple trees, fruit, brownies laced with syrup, and then the Club served breakfast at 1am.  Pancakes and eggs, coffee for those that needed a little caffine.  And we offered Roses to all the ladies.

A Big Thank you to all the Members that came out last night and to 50 new couples that came to Princeton to experience a Valentine Party to remember.

Now rest up because we can have a repeat performance this weekend.  Come on out this Friday and enjoy the Rendzvous Party and then get your game on because Saturday Night is the Mardi Gras or what we refer to as the Naughty Gras Party.

We are giving away a 5 day stay at the famous Rooftop Resort in Florida and if you bring a new couple with you we will give you an extra 5 raffle tickets that will help you will that trip. 

Plus if there are 450 people at the Party this Saturday we will open the New Roman Room upstairs and you will want to see this New Part of the Club. 

Here is an extra incentive.  Last week we changed our reservation system so all you have to do is go to our event and at the bottom type in your email address and your reservation is in our system.  If you make your reservation thru our system this week, we'll take $5 off your entry fee.  What does $5 buy?  A footlong Subway sandwich, or 2 gallons of gas to get to the club, 5 lottery tickets that could turn you into an instant millionaire, or a fistfull of flowers to give to your sweetheart.  Either way, your saving.  So get online and invite hundreds of your friends and make this weekend another MEGA PARTY WEEKEND and we'll open the second floor and you won't believe your eyes.

See you this weekend for Rendzvous and Naughty Gras.  We have thousands of beads on hand and if you're really Naughty they'll be around your neck soon enough.

Long Live Love!

Love and Kisses,

rk & kitty

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