Arnold Classic Weekend & Gang Bang

Newsletter: Feb 26, 2008

Hey Princeton Pals,
We had such a wonderful party on Saturday. MrsWestervilleHotCouple celebrated her B-Day in her B-Day Suit and all we have to say is…….Wow!!!!!!!! She and her friends Renee and Loba (Lori) popped out of our 6 foot B-Day Cake and all of them were in their B-Day Suits. Holy Tamoli!!!!! The Princeton Profiles Party on Saturday was a success and so be sure and sign up for your profile. It will help you meet the people that interest you and get connected more easily. And, Kitty and RK have their Profiles that will be playing throughout the night for the next month and we will be adding the members that want their profile played at the club during parties. It’s a great way to indirectly meet people. Thanks to T & M as well as G & M for allowing us to play your Profiles on the TV by the fireplace. There were so many members that were happy to see you on the Big Screen and a lot more that wanted to meet you sexy folks. T & M and G & M, we hope that you meet many wonderful members through your Profiles Profiles.
On Thursday (2-28-08) at 9pm tune-in to and listen to Kitty and RK being interviewed about The Princeton Club and the Lifestyle. It really is a great Radio Site and we are trying to help get the word out about the many benefits of the lifestyle. Mr and Mrs Black as so FUNNY, so Tune-IN !!!!
This weekend we have lots of Princeton Club Members that will be participating in the Arnold Classic Contests and they will be stopping by the club to Celebrate. We have a Beautiful, Wonderful Woman that is hoping to fulfill her fantasies of a Gang Bang and will be at the club Friday to Celebrate after her competition. So Gentlemen, get some rest because she is Ready and Waiting for You.
Saturday, is the Arnold Classic Party and the club will be filled with Beautiful, Wonderful Members and You will want to see (and feel) it all. Lots of Arnold Classic Participants will be Celebrating at the club. We are offering a Social Pass for $10 per person and now is the time to invite your friends to meet all of your Princeton Pals. This is a great party so buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
Check our the Event section of our website. We have some fantastic parties coming up…..Murder Mystery (3-28-08) and it is another party that we are offering the $10 Social Pass so invite your friends. The Mystery will take place in the Bar/Dance Floor Area so even your vanilla friends can have some fun, too. And for a Great Price. $10 + BYOB = Cheap Date. It really is that simple. See you all on the Dance Floor
Kitty and RK

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