This Week at the Club & Pricing

Newsletter: Jan 20, 2010

Just a short note about things coming up this week.

This Thursday is the Massage Class at the party House.  As everyone knows Kitty and Rk have Hosted this event once a month for over a year in an effort to provide a nice, fun atmosphere for couples to learn how to massage their partners from a licensed massage therapist (Sean).  This will probably be the final massage class at the Party House as both Kitty and RK are getting more involved in other Club activities. 

This Friday is a Nut and Bolt party.  Come dressed in something Black or White or a combination.  Everyone will get a Nut or Bolt and you are to find your match.  Once you find the match just go up to the ticket booth and both of you ask the DJ for a raffle ticket.  At midnight we are going to have a drawing and the lucky winner will receive a free certificate for a weekend at the Famous Rooftop Resort Hotel near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Then Saturday we are having The GLOW Party, so be sure to wear something that glows under the black lights.  We are also having a fun raffle and the winner will receive a dinner for two at a Columbus restaurant. 

There are special discounts for the members this weekend for each party so be sure to go online and read the details about the event and save some dough.

Did you know that from Jan 1, 2005 until today the prices at Princeton's Friday and Saturday Night parties have remained the same.  That's FIVE years. While Food, Gasoline, Electricity, Natural Gas, have gone up as much as 50%, the Princeton Club has done everything we can do to bring our members a great Club at a great price. 

Please continue to get online and chat with others and encourage them to come visit the Club and let's keep our prices right where they are. This is our sixth year in business and we are excited to bring you a world class club.  We have the very best, the friendliest, most courteous and helpful members.  Thank you Princeton Members for all your Love and Support.

Is there anyone in our membership that wants to operate a T-Shirt business at Princeton while we are open.  Please call our Hot line 614-275-9861 and speak with us.  We are opening a Toy and Lingerie shop in just a few weeks inside the club, and there is so much more coming, but we have to keep some things under wraps. 

Hey, if you haven't been to the club in a while, you won't believe this.  The Village People are coming to Princeton for our Valentines Party Sat Feb 13th to rub shoulders with our members.  And the price for the event is just like a normal Saturday except it is a Valentines Party.  Sign up today for this event.  This is one of the biggest events of the year and if you bring a new couple both couples get in for only $45 per couple before 9pm.  Where can you take your sweetheart, get dinner for two, dance the entire night, use the Club and the amenities and get to meet "The Village People" for either $55 per couple or if you bring a new couple it is even less.  Of course if you want to hear the Village People sing at the Sunday Charity Concert at the Palace Theater you can buy tickets from us at the Club.

Part of the proceeds go to the Stephanie Spielman Cancer Research Fund.

See you this weekend.

Love and Kisses,

The Princeton Club

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