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Newsletter: Feb 22, 2008

Dear Princeton Members,

Recenty one of our lifestyle friends emailed us with a question and we thought we would share it with everyone...

Dear Rk and Kitty,

My wife and I have been coming to Princeton for several years and recently we were contacted by a DJ that has worked at Princeton asking us to come to a Lifestyle party at a regular bar. We have mixed feelings about it and thought we would write. We don't want the owners of the Club to be upset if we go but we are confused that a Princeton DJ is asking us to come to another Club. Let us know. We love Princeton and want to support the lifestyle.

D & B

Dear D & B,

You bring up very interesting points... DJ's that work for Princeton know that in order to work with us, we want DJ's who are loyal, trustworthy and if they are emailing invitations to parties it should be to Princeton parties. The DJ you are talking about is RJ and Promo Entertainment. He was inviting people to this bar with an after hours party at a hotel. Going around and using the Princeton members to fill a bar is not being up front and honest and is asking the Princeton members and lifestylers to spend three times what they normally would for a lifestyle party. Telling people that they are going to a lifestyle friendly atmosphere at a vanilla bar filled with a bunch of single guys on Saturday night is what really is going on. This DJ is interested in filling up a bar for the people running the bar. This same bar closed on New Years Day and has been closed ever since then. We heard that the people running the bar were 4 months behind in their rent and the owner of the property had already begun the eviction process.

The Owners of Princeton know people have choices when they go out. So here is your choice on March 1st.

Come to Princeton and pay $10 per person to get into the social areas. Bring your own liquor so you don't have to pay alot of money for a drink. Dress in the sexiest outfit because you know you can be dressed or not dressed and no one is going to touch you without permission. If you decide to meet with another couple, then it's just a matter of going to the private/group section of the Princeton Club... Spas, Showers, Movie theater, group areas, tie up areas...anything you like... And remember Saturday's are for single women and couples...

Or go to a vanilla bar, pay $10 per person to get in, pay for liquor, and wait for all the single men in the bar to keep looking and possibly touching you. If you want to get together with another couple then go across the street and get a hotel room. No spas, No group shower areas, No Movie theater, No tie up areas, No Lifestyle Club...

So if you want to know which party has the greater value, the most freedom, the best lifestyle equipment, the choice is clear. We want you to support a real lifestyle club that has a million reasons why it is more important to support lifestylers than some vanilla bar supporting a bunch of single guys. But no matter what, we want you to enjoy yourself whenever you go out... That DJ is no longer working at Princeton for obvious reasons.

If your coming to Princeton on March 1st for the Arnold Classic Party, please be sure to invite all your lifestyle friends and party till 5:00am...

Long Live Love and the Lifestyle...

rk & kitty

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