An Open Letter from a Single Woman...

Newsletter: Sep 14, 2009

Dear Members,

Just wanted to let you read a letter that came to us on Sunday from a Single Lady who visited the Club this past Saturday night.  It's nice to know that after 5 years of being in business we are still the same clean, elegant and open Lifestyle Club.  You, our members should be proud that you make our first time members feel right at home.  Keep up the great work.  Here is what she had to say...

Hi! I wanted to thank everyone for being so friendly and nice yesterday. Saturday was the first time I had come to the club, and it was rather hard to build up the courage to come by myself.  I can be a blast once I get into a social situation and know a couple of people, but initiating contact with strangers has always been very hard for me. So, thank you to the women who welcomed me once I got on the dance floor and the people that let me hang out with them a little until I got my legs under me (or out from under me!).

For the owners, I was really impressed by how clean, elegant and swanky the club was. I've never seen straight clubs quite so nice, so it was very reassuring for a newbie attempting to dispel all the "sex club" stereotypes everyone is inundated with in this country. Despite the game being on in the beginning, the mood was excellent. The combination of lighting, soft furniture and good music really contributed to both easing tension and simulating desire.

Kudos to the DJ who played the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show for me! If you know the context of the movie, it's a real "rip your clothes off" type of song, and I was happy to get to perform it in truly appropriate fashion ("with voyeuristic intentions..."). Next time I request it I expect to see more people on the floor! I mean, it DOES give directions on how to do the dance in the lyrics.

The play area was the most delightful thing I ever could have imagined. I was like a kid in a candy store! So many themes, so many nooks and crannies to explore. All the pillows and stuffed animals in the open play room were an especially nice touch. Re-enforces why the exploration is called "play," hehe.

Actually getting to watch other people have sex was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. When you live an everyday life where expressions of sexuality are so utterly suppressed and frowned upon it is an extremely meaningful thing to be in an atmosphere where sexuality is so natural and celebrated. I can't remember the last time where I felt such palpable joy and jocularity in the air. I was always a very sexual and sensuous person, and people I knew enjoyed that about me to a certain degree, but I always felt fundamentally different from others in that respect. Princeton made me feel very comfortable and free to take that part of personality as far as I wanted.

I took it slow and purposely held back some, being my first night and all, but I was happy to get to dance with and play with some wonderful people that were very kind and attentive to my boundaries. Being so respected is going to make me far more open to exploring more and more as I get my bearings.

Props to you Princeton for being open in what is still such a hostile social climate! Where I come from (the South), adult businesses of far more vanilla stripes are in a constant struggle to stay open against political pressure (though luckily my home state is one where merchants can sell toys!). This was not a country founded on governance by "popular morals" or whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, so keep being your fabulous selves and this world will be a nicer place to be in.

(Damn I'm wordy...)

Hope to see ya'll soon!

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