August Mega Parties & Grand Opening Events

Newsletter: Aug 03, 2009

If you stopped by the Club this weekend then you bumped into over 400 people that partied at Princeton both Friday and Saturday... What a Great turnout.  Thanks Members...

The next five weekends are filled with so many events and so many Grand Openings...  Folks this week Princeton will open on Thursday Nights and on September 6th Princeton will open on Sunday Night.  That's right.  Go to our Event Calendar and see where we are opening up the Club to more and more parties.  And it is all about you.  And your networking.  And it's all about the Club and how we are expanding our services, our amentities and our staff...

AUGUST 6th - This Thursday we are having a Grand Open!!!  So come on down and bring your favorite drink and toast one to Princeton.  As more and more of our members come to our Thursday Night events we will expand the venue...

AUGUST 7th  - Is a Rendezvous and Wet V Shirt Party.  Come on Ladies this is your party to get together with your other girl friends or find new girl friends at this party.

AUGUST 8th - This is a Blow Out Party - Swingfest Giveaway with Tabulifestyle and Florida Splash - Come themed and get into Princeton for only $30.  Live further than 50 miles away and are a member of the Princeton Fan Club, Dayton Greeters, Swingerzone, Naughty Neighborhood and get a FREE One Year membership to Princeton but you have to be at Princeton before 9pm - This is the DEAL of the Century!!!

AUGUST 13th - This is our Thursday Night Couples 90 minute Massage Class at the Luxury Party House - learn all about how to massage your partner outside on our new 1500sf deck and Hot tub - $20 per couple prepay.

AUGUST 14th - Fetish Foreplace and Beach Party - Princeton's Fetish Parties are getting Bigger and Bigger every month - Plus a BBQ on the Patio.

AUGUST 15th - The Black White Mega Party - Come dressed all in Black or all in White or a combination of Black White.  Win a trip to a Florida Condo, Five Princeton memberships, Five 50% off friday Night Parties, plus the best dressed Couple wins a Friday Night VIP Pass to Princeton and a Cocktail Party with RK & Kitty.  Everyone always asks where were you for the Black White...

AUGUST 21st - Is our $10 Beach Party - Go to the events page and read...

AUGUST 22nd  - The Princeton 500 is a Party to celebrate Princeton's 500 party.  Get to the Club before 9 and get in for only $30... It is going to be one heck of CELEBRATION.  500 parties is no small potatoe!!!


SEPTEMBER 3rd - Grand Opening for our Thursday Night Parties -
SEPTEMBER 4TH - Kittys Tight Ass Jean Night
SEPTEMBER 5th - Beach Party nad BBQ on the 5500sf Patio

Princeton is so fortunate to have such GREAT Members!!!  Thank you Princeton Members for supporting the Club and making it the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.  Please take moment this week to get online and go to your favorite internet site and invite a new sexy couple to join you in all the fun that is taking place at Princeton and the Luxury Party House.

Long, Live, Love,

rk & kitty

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