A Valentine message

Newsletter: Feb 10, 2008


There was love in the air all weekend long... Starting with our Coyote Ugly Party... People from everywhere came to enjoy this relaxed, laid back, blue jean, cowboy boot and hat party with women dancing everywhere... If you want to really kick it up a notch be sure to stop by next month for the Coyote Party...

Plus we have a special $10 entry fee for the Coyote Ugly Party. Just have a valid membership and bring a new couple and everyone gets in for $10 each for the night. So it really pays in big dividends to bring new couples and singles to Princeton...

Then Saturday Night we had the best Valentine's Party ever... Here is what one couple wrote to the Princeton Fan Club this morning.

We are very sorry to hear that you could not make it to the Valentines
Party. You really did miss a wonderful evening. We also noticed that
there were a lot of new members that we had never seen before. We
actually got the opportunity to meet several new couples. And enjoyed
talking and dancing with them.
The food was extraordinary! The ENTIRE STAFF and D.J. were absolutely
wonderful. They even served breakfast, which by the way was a great
idea! And it as well was very good.
The place was very busy and hopping. We left about 3:15 A.M. and
there were still people there. I am quite sure that all of the new
members that came last night WILL RETURN.
Everyone that was there last night, I am sure would agree that
evenings like that is what make club princeton the #1 LIFESTYLE CLUB
IN THIS REGION. So, Thank You to all who made it a wonderful evening.

R and (Classy Ass) K

We have to tell you that if you didn't make it to this weekend's events don't beat yourself over it... Just make a reservation for next week's parties... You will not be disappointed.

Next Friday is our Hunk-O-Mania Party with a twist. This Friday we have 3 Sexy Hunks coming to the Club but then we also have 3 Beautiful Sexy Women that also are coming to dance and strut their stuff for all the Ladies and Men in the audience... You do not want to miss this $10 show... That's right. It's only $10 for Ladies and only $25 for the guys... That's because itsladiesnightout.com.

Be sure to call all your girlfriends your boyfriends, heck at that price call everyone to get down to Princeton and enjoy all this entertainment.

Then Satruday Night we are having the Party of the month. It's the Princeton Pusseycat Calendar Party and on top of that it's our monthly Pajama Party. Last month we had 21 women on stage in beautiful outfits vying for Miss January's Princeton Pussy Cat. So Ladies be sure to sign up and bring all your lifestyle friends for another walk on the runway...

Come to the Club on Saturday before 9:30 and take $5 off your door fee if you come to the Club and change into Pajamas or a Lingerie Outfit. Plus take $5 off the door fee if you are a member of the Princeton Fan Club and paste a copy of the Princeton Banner on your Internet sites... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/clubprincetonfans/

Plus this Saturday we will be giving away Chocolate Roses for all the ladies as an added bonus...

So be at Princeton this weekend and see all the hard, sexy, erotic bodies you ever wanted to see... And be the next Miss February's Princeton Pussy Cat... We'll be purring for you...

During this Valentine Week be sure to give those around you a message of Hope, Love and Peace. Make the world a better place starting right in your neck of woods...

Love Can Change the World and Will.

Love and Kisses,

rk & kitty

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