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In the past 11 years over 175,000 people have come thru our doors and said "WOW, we can't believe how nice and clean this place is..." Hi, This is RK and we started Princeton way back in October 2004. You are going to find that Princeton is by far the most upscale Lifestyle Club in the Midwest and our philosophy is "IT"S ALL ABOUT THE LADIES". Princeton makes sure that our women members are our top priority. So Ladies when you walk into the Club, you are totally in charge. That's why you see our Staff being managed and lead by Women.

Forget about the stereotypes... Princeton is not at all what think. Our facility is Clean, it's Tidy, it's Fascinating, it's Fun... And if you have wondered what it's like to have a dream, a fantasy and then be able to act it out, well Princeton might be your ticket. The Couples and Singles that come to the Club are very respectful, nice, well dressed, successful and they understand that it is all about respect. No one, not anyone is allowed to touch you without your permission. So Ladies, Princeton is not your typical club where you have to fight off guys who are bothering you.

The facility is a "Private Club" and not everyone that wishes to join can. Because we are looking only for the respectful, wonderful, fun loving members that can appreciate what Princeton has to offer. So if you have been in a long term relationship or one that you want to spice up so it stays fresh, take the Princeton Fantasy Plunge. Sign up on our website under "New Members" and read the important email from us that we send to you when we receive your application. That email has a lot of details that are not on the website. Then pick a party on our event page and at the bottom of the party make a reservation by typing in your email address.

If after touring our facility, you and your partner do not feel Princeton is a good match, just ask the Host that took you on tour to guide you over to the ticket booth where you will receive a full refund and we will wish you well. So you have nothing to loose. You are going to find that the members attending the party are really looking forward to meeting you and discussing life's experiences. Of course the owner is always on site for every party so be sure to introduce yourselves.