April 13th - Cowboys and Corsets

April 13th - Cowboys and Corsets

Welcome to the Lucky Luscious Ladies (L3) at Club Princeton in Columbus, OH. We are the sexiest BBW on-premise Lifestyle club in the USA. 

Come join us in April for our Cowboys and Corsets party!  Save a horse, ride a cowboy!  An evening full of sexy voluptuous ladies in corsets and our sexy gentlemen looking to wrangle a sweet little filly.

Before the party from noon to 4pm we will be having out third annual corset sale.  This will be at L3’s normal party place.  So come out and get fitted for a corset!  Madame Wiladina’s will be taking, cash, credit and doing layaway.  Check out a smattering of her wares at www.madamewiladina.com

For this party jeans are allowed, as are cowboy hats.  Please make sure your jeans are neat, clean and have no holes.

Come out early and get in at the before 9pm price!

**SALE**  Have you got your super sexy 2019 L3 calendar? All your favorite L3 hotties are froze in living color for viewing pleasure. $20 per calendar and all funds 

For the third year in a row Madame Wiladina is coming up from Chicago with her vehicle loaded down with all sorts of pretties for kinky little boys and girls! She is kinda like Santa but way sexier!

She will have corsets, lingerie and this year her partner will have his chainmaile line with him.

This event is free! This is shopping only, no play is allowed.

Cash, and Credit accepted, and they will be offering layaway!


Saturday night pricing based on the time you arrive:

8:00pm - 9:00pm
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $35.00
c. Single Men - $35.00

Price 9:00pm - 12:00am
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $40.00
c. Single Men - $40.00

Price 12:00am - 1:30am
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $30.00
c. Single Men - $50.00

No admittance after 1:30AM

We are asking all of our Lucky Luscious Ladies to come on out and Party at the VIP Club... Of course, we are also including our Guys in the mix as well. This event is open to couples, single females, and single men. Pay our special rate and come on up!! No membership to Princeton is ever needed for L3 parties, just pay our entrance fee.

Please use the stairs at the front of the building under the awning to enter the VIP Lounge.

We would like to introduce our beautiful Bartender, Christina -she is on hand to take care of your BYOB and provide mixers ($1 water, $3 Redbull)

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Event Price

Couple - 35.00
Single Female - 20.00
Single Male - 35.00

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