March 22nd - Casual & KINKY

March 22nd - Casual & KINKY
After the holiday season, New Years Eve, and Valentine's Day, we all need a break from dressing up! This Friday we want you come out and relax and be casual. However it is still Club Princeton and we are still going to keep it kinky!

So here's the deal, tonight we all get to make our own dress code! Wanna wear nothing but a t-shirt and panties ladies? Or perhaps a pair of booty shorts and nothing else! Guys, how about a pair of boxers and nothing else? The point is, we can all be kinky freaks and for one night, not have to dress up!

We will be partying all night and if you have nothing on but a couple articles of clothing, you can get naked pretty damn quick! Who knows, maybe by midnight it will just be a club full of naked sexy people dancing, drinking, and getting freaky!

As usual with Club Princeton Party there will be good food, a contest, prizes and of course naughty fun! We hope to see you there!

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