September 19th - Sinners Banquet Halloween Extravaganza

September 19th - Sinners Banquet Halloween Extravaganza

This year, our Halloween Mega Party, The Sinners Banquet will be on Saturday October 27th. Doors will open promptly at 8pm and we will be open until 5am. Costumes are required!

Dinner will be catered for your enjoyment! We will also provide desserts, snacks and more!

More information will be posted soon!

Halloween always sells out, both floors of the club, the patio and all bars/lounge areas will be open all night! 

Call Beverlee now to reserve your VIP seats or couch early or pre-pay to save time and guarantee entry! 614-496-6417

Couples $80

VIP Couple $140

VIP Couch (couple) $169

Single Female $30

VIP Single Female $55

Single Male $155

VIP Single Male $200

Table for 4 $280

Couch and 2 Chairs $315

Small Cabana $350

Large Cabana $500

Table for 12 $900

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Event Price

Couple - 80.00
Single Female - 30.00
Single Male - 155.00
VIP Couple - 140.00
VIP Single Female - 55.00
VIP Single Male - 200.00
VIP Couch Couple - 169.00
Table for 4 Couple - 280.00
Table for 12 Couple - 900.00
Couch and 2 Chairs Couple - 315.00
Small Cabana Couple - 350.00
Large Cabana Couple - 500.00

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