September 29th - MEGA Anniversary Party

September 29th - MEGA Anniversary Party

Welcome to the beginning of Princeton's XV th year in business.  And this year we have so much to be Thankful for, we want all of our Members to come CELEBRATE with us.  So we have decided to invite every Member that has come to Princeton 6 or more times in 2018 to come and enjoy this event, our Anniversary absolutely FREE.  Yes there are just over 700 members who have earned this status.  So those Members will be on the VIP List and just need to show up and enjoy the show.  We are open til 5am.  Get to the Club before 10pm and the XIV Anniversary Party is absolutely FREE as long as you have been to the Club at least 6 times during 2018.  If you are a Member but have not been to Princeton a minimum of 6 times, don't worry, you are still invited to the event.  And who wants to pass up knowing that 700 other members who have been to Princeton a minimum of 6 times this year will be partying their hardest...  Last year the Anniversary Party was the bomb...  Hundreds of our members got into the club free.  It was one of the largest parties of the year...

For our Members who want to enjoy a night of CELEBRATION, bring your best attitude, bring your best liquor and bring your best friends.  Because this weekend we are so thankful for everyone...  THE ANNIVERSARY PARTY IS A DRESS UP PARTY



We will be serving Roast Beef, Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, plenty of Veggies, Fruit, and Chocolate,  Chocolate, Chocolate Desserts to die 4  all night long.   

Princeton stands for FREEDOM...  Princeton stands for Classiness...  Princeton stands for Integrity...   Princeton stands for Orgasms...  and the more the merrier!!!

So call your friends and let them know we are expecting the largest crowd Princeton has ever had this anniversary weekend... Come CELEBRATE with us and start us on the right foot for our 14th year...  .

Love and Kisses... The Night belongs to Princeton and YOU...

Keith, RK and the entire Princeton Staff     

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