September 7th - House of Bacchus

September 7th - House of Bacchus
House of Bacchus -A safer space of sensual and sexual education and exploration.
**Monthly play parties 1st Friday, upstairs at Club Princeton, 21+ pre register online**

Doors open at 8:30pm $20 B.Y.O.B

Saran Wrap and Hot Wax -Workshop 9-10pm
By Lady Bacchus
Sensation play at its best. I loved playing with wax. But it can be messy, and if you have body hair it’s really messy. So, I combined being mummified and wax. It gives an amazing sensation of being in a warm cocoon, and then opening up feel like being rebirthed. Come and experience!

Open Play
Let’s have fun! Join us for Fun, Kinky, Sexy Play.. Of course we have some fun things lined up for you to learn and experience. Sign up for our Private 1on1 sessions in BDSM, Body Healing, Fire Play, Tantra, Electric, and Self Shibari. Just a few tasters that may be available for you to experience.
Watch or Join in! We have a unique variety of toys available, if interested in using one please talk to a HOB staff member at the bar. We encourage you to bring your own toys.

We offer education through voyeurism and experiences. ALL genders and sexual orientations and expression are welcomed. If you have questions about how to introduce/ show your kink or manner of expression, please talk to us and we will do what we can to help you to be as accepted and feel as comfortable as possible.

We believe that learning about ourselves physically, emotionally and sexually will help us attain greater self understanding and spiritual openness. Our society has pushed us into boxes of what sexuality looks like. We are here to say that it can look like whatever you want. These basic guidelines are here because EVERY PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT THEIR SEXUAL FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE and it should be respected or you will be asked to leave. Please visit us for our guidelines, and like our page. [] To Pre-Register visit []

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