August 11th - L3 Luau

August 11th - L3 Luau

Welcome to the Lucky Luscious Ladies (L3) at Club Princeton in Columbus, OH. We are the sexiest BBW on-premise Lifestyle club in the USA. Your host is Laura aka FaerieGoddess.

This month we are having our annual Luau! So put on your grass skirt and come get LEID! Board shorts and Hawaiian shorts have never been so sexy before! So bring your long board and watch out for the splash zone!

Saturday night pricing based on the time you arrive:

8:00pm - 9:00pm
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $35.00
c. Single Men - $35.00

Price 9:00pm - 12:00am
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $40.00
c. Single Men - $40.00

Price 12:00am - 1:30am
a. Single Woman - $20.00
b. Couples - $30.00
c. Single Men - $50.00

No admittance after 1:30AM

We are asking all of our Lucky Luscious Ladies to come on out and Party at the VIP Club... Of course, we are also including our Guys in the mix as well. This event is open to couples, single females, and single men

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Event Price

Couple - 40.00
Single Female - 20.00
Single Male - 35.00
Out of Town Pass Couple - 40.00
Out of Town Pass Single Female - 20.00
Out of Town Pass Single Male - 35.00

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