August 24th - Wet T-Shirt Contest!

August 24th - Wet T-Shirt Contest!

When you think of Summer parties what's one thing that comes to mind? That's right… WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!!!!!!!! Ladies……. it's time to pull out your white T-Shirts and rock 'em to the club!!!!!  And the Best're Wet before you even Get to the Club cause there's Nothing Better than getting your BFF or Main Man involved in Designing Your Killa T-Shirt in the Privacy of Your Own Home!!!! Or if ya need a little help from your Friends...just bring your T-Shirt to the Club & there's lots of Ladies that can help ya get a Killa Look!  Strut your stuff on stage and show off Your Ice-Cold Nipples & Designer T-Shirt!!! Tonight Everyone's a  Winner! 


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