April 27th - Sexy Lingerie Party - Secret Party???

April 27th - Sexy Lingerie Party - Secret Party???

Tonight we're Slipping Into Something Comfortable with the Lingerie Party...

Did you know that there are Secret Parties at Princeton... Shhhhhhhh.  These Parties are not advertised on our website.  You can only read about them on our social media sites.  Yes, Secret Parties, with special invitations that are embedded in our social media sites...  One of those Parties is coming up in May... Do you want to included.  Do you want to know where it is going to be?  Do you want to know who is Hosting that Secret Party.  Well you are not going to get any information on this event page.  You have to be dialed up on our social media pages...

I can tell you that your bestfriend at the club knows about the party only if they are signed up at our social media sites...  And these Secret Parties don't cost a cent to those who are already at the Club the night we throw these parties...

There is only One Person who knows the Secret Party Code and they are not spilling the beans on this event page.  Sign up for Princetons Social Media Sites and try to understand the Secret Passes and when is the Next Secret Party...

And the members who are at the Club on a certain date and time will receive a special social media text that will only let them know the code to the Secret Party.  Only those Members will be allowed into the Secret Party!!!  Find out more on our social media sites...  Aren't you glad you're dialed into the most visited Lifestyle in the Midwest!!!

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