March 30th - Chocolate Kiss Party, Wine Tasting

March 30th - Chocolate Kiss Party,   Wine Tasting

Last Month we had so much fun at the Chocolate Kiss Party we had to bring it back tonight!!!  Our Friday Night Parties are getting soooooo BIG, PLEASE!!!  More People, More Fun, More Games, Sexier Couples and Singles, and MORE CHOCOLATE!!!

It's a Special Chocolate Kiss Party Tonight Ladies.    Yes Sexy Ladies, for those of you who are looking to hook up with a Sexy Man, well the Sexiest Men will be at Princeton tonight... And for those of you Sexy Ladies who are looking to Lick up with a Woman, well then, the most fabulous Ladies will be at Princeton Tonight and lots of Chocolate as well...

Plus we are having another WINE TASTING EVENING...   So be sure to tell all your friends where you'll be on Friday as we taste some magnificent  Wines Tonight... Remember there is no liquor sold at Princeton.  The WINE that is provided for the WINE TASTING is bought and paid for by a member of the club and shared with the members of the club at no cost.  So what are you waiting for...

There will be a Special Performance at the Body Shot Table at 11:30 for you Ladies that love to practice your Kissing with a little Chocolate between your lips... We have plenty of volunteers, so pick one, or two, or make it a threesome and enjoy yourselves...

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