February 23rd - The Playhouse Presents: The Sex Olympics

February 23rd - The Playhouse Presents: The Sex Olympics

Welcome to the first monthly PLAYHOUSE PARTY!

This event will be held upstairs monthly, each month we will have an exciting new theme for you, so make sure to check out the event to see what fun we have been cooking up!

This party is hosted by your favorite long time Club Princeton DJ, that's right, this is Ayo's Playhouse tonight! Come on up to the VIP club, join AYO and K, they have a lot of fun in store for you this evening! he has great games and prizes in store for you and a new play list ready to go! You know the dance floor will be packed all night long!

We will offer discounts for members to go between the main club and the upstairs so you can get two parties tonight for less! Come on out tonight and party with your favorite people at your favorite club!

If you want to come downtstairs, couples just pay an additional $25 and single ladies pay only $5 more, single men pay $25.

If you are dowstairs and want to go upstairs, couples can upgrade for $20, single ladies can upgrade for $5 and single men can upgrade for $20.

That is TWO parties for a great price! Couples can get two parties tonight for $65! Single ladies just spend $25 for both parties and single men are getting in to both for just $75!

See you tonight!

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Couple - 40.00
Single Female - 20.00
Single Male - 50.00

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