January 12th - Kowpoke Night

January 12th -  Kowpoke Night

It is Jan 13th and we all need to come to the KOWpoke Party.  Come on Cow girls and boys lets get this rodeo going...

We will be dishing out  KILF drinks to everyone who is coming tonight and all you need to do is put your liquor in them.  Get to the Club in your Kowgirl or Kowboy outfit and she'll take $5 off your door fee, but you have to get to the Club before 9pm.  Or bring a new couple that has never been to Princeton before and both couples get into the Club for only $25 per couple. But get to Princeton before 9pm. 

Rope all those Kowgirls over at the Body Shot Corral!!!

It is a Kowboy and Sexy KowGirl Night. We are roping everybody. 
And for any Kowboy that comes to the club in Chaps and just CHAPS and nothing else, we will give you a 50% Off coupon for a Friday Night Party.  

so hold on to your hats partners.

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