December 2nd - RK's After Hours Parties

December 2nd - RK's After Hours Parties
The Rk After Hours Parties start at Midnight and end at 5am.  The After Hours Parties will also be held downstairs on the Main Floor. 
The pricing for the After Hours Party Midnight to 5:00am is $40 per couple, $15 single females. No Single men unescorted After Midnight.   New single men must be sponsored my a couple who are existing members.

All Princeton Memberships must be Active. If your membership is not active, then you can reactivate the night of the Party.

You will notice there will be quite a few changes around then club as we continue to expand.   So Enjoy!!!

No new single males permitted.

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Couple - 40.00
Single Female - 15.00
Single Male - 150.00

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