December 9th - Leather and Lace

December 9th - Leather and Lace

Feeling sinful?

Feeling naughty?

Are you on Santa's bad list?

If you answered yes, then you are on our good list and need to be at Club Princeton tonight!

The Sin City group is here tonight with the Leather and Lace theme and they want you to party with them at Club Princeton, the way only we can do it here!

Grab your leather pants, skirts, boots and heels and head out to the fun fat Club Princeon, we are ready to be naughty with you!

****Remember that all new single males must be sponsored by a couple with an existing memberhip in good standing and must arrive by 11pm. If the couple leaves the premesis, he must leave as well, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Couple - 65.00
Single Female - 15.00
Single Male - 75.00
VIP Couple - 95.00
VIP Single Female - 20.00
VIP Single Male - 125.00

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