November 25th - Swinging Saturday GLOW PARTY

November 25th - Swinging Saturday GLOW PARTY

Join us tonight for a Princeton GLOW PARTY!

That's right!

The CLUB will be glowing with all of her black light luminocity!

We will have all the black light on and you know it will be a party you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

So get off your couch, get the triptofan out of your sysytem get the turkey leg out of your mouth and get to Club Princeton for a glowing good time tonight!

Remember, the night belongs to Princeton!

There is not party like a Princeton Party and no club can glow like we can!

Get your glow wear ready and get here!

New single men must be sponsored by a couple who are exising members to attend on a Saturday night.

Do you want to talk with other Princeton members and find out the latest news, info, stories, events, hot members, artists that will be at the club?
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Event Price

Couple - 65.00
Single Female - 20.00
Single Male - 75.00
VIP Couple - 95.00
VIP Single Female - 25.00
VIP Single Male - 125.00

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