August 19th - 1500 party

August 19th - 1500 party

Did you come to the Black White Party this past weekend.  Well if you did come then you are on the Party List to get in for FREE plus enjoy the Princeton 1500...  So by coming to the Black White Formal on August 12th we give you a FREE PASS to enjoy the Princeton 1500 party... get to the club before 9pm.  Last year 120 people got the discount

Single Ladies that came to the Black White get in for only $5 all night long...   What R U Waiting 4!!!

Okay so let's say that you didn't make it to the Black White and you don't have a new couple to come with... What is it going to cost to come to Biggest Lifestyle Club in the Midwest... Well it is so affordable.  For our In Town Members it's only $65 per couple and for our Out of Town Couples it is only $65.  Call all your friends and make it a MEGA PARTY!!!  What's a MEGA PARTY.  Well that's when we have over 400 people come to an event.  Last week at the Black White we had over 400 people attend!!!  So get on the phone, text, call or get online and invite your HOT SEXY FRIENDS TO THE PRINCETON 1500 PARTY.  We are celebrating having over 1500 Parties.  Can you believe it.  Over 1500 parties!!! WOW!!

Plus the Fetish Foreplay Party is also being held on Saturday Night up at the VIP Club on the second floor.  For a small upcharge you can go to both parties... 

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Couple - 65.00
Single Female - 15.00
Single Male - 75.00
VIP Couple - 95.00
VIP Single Female - 20.00
VIP Single Male - 125.00
Out of Town Pass Couple - 65.00
Out of Town Pass Single Female - 10.00
Out of Town Pass Single Male - 75.00

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