June 10th - The Beach Party Naughty Gras Party - Plus RK s Birthday Bash

June 10th - The Beach Party Naughty Gras Party - Plus RK s Birthday Bash

Here is the BIG DEAL!!!  Who wants to come to one of the Biggest, Sexiest, Parties of the YEAR for HALF PRICE tonight?  Well you can.  RK said all Princeton Members coming themed tonight for the Naughty Gras BEACH Birthday Party, plus bring a new couple and get to the Club by 9...  GET IN FOR HALF PRICE. So what does that mean.  WELL GO TO PRINCETON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES AND GET THE DETAILS...

Come to a Lifestyle Party Hosted by RK.  Dj's, Laser Lights, Private Patio with Hot tubs, Private Rooms,  Showers, Semi Private Play areas, Group Areas. themed rooms... And the best news you don't have to worry about your partner getting surrounded when you go to the bathroom...

Now what about the HALF PRICE PARTY TONIGHT.  Well it's RK's Birthday Party and he said come themed to a Naughty Gras Party, get to the club early and bring a new couple... How hard is it to get online and offer to help a new couple come into Princeton and tell them why this Destination club that has been around 14 years and  is the Best Lifestyle Club in the Midwest... Or if you are just way too shy to help Chaperon a new couple. just come to the party themed before 9 and receive a discount off your door fee.. REMEMBER TO GO TO PRINCETON'S SOCIAL MEDIA SITES AND SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!  AND THEY ARE FREE TO JOIN!!!

That's right come themed and get to the Club before 9pm and save...

So what else comes with the package tonight...  Well it's Dinner, Dancing and Deserts!!!  It's all FREE!!! Snack Food... It's all FREE... Vegetable trays... It's all FREE... Fruit and Nuts... It's all FREE!!!  Sodas, Mixers, Topless Bar tenders... It's all FREE!!!  SHOTS AT THE HOT HOT HOT BODY SHOT TABLE ALL NIGHT!!!  You guessed it, It's all FREE!!!

THIS is a SEXY BEACH PARTY with a Naughty Gras Birthday Theme for all our Naughty Gras Ladies!!!   Beads, Boobs and Dancing Like There's No Tomorrow.  It's RK's BIRTHDAY!!! TONIGHT IT'S DINNER, DANCING AND DESSERTS!!! YES WE HAVE A SPECIAL DINNER PLANNED FOR YOU!!!  

Wear your sexiest Naughty Gras Outfit and shake your Booty!  We'll have some delicious food for you to enjoy and Bead Games throughout the night.  This is one of the Funniest Parties of the Year and we hope you can make it.  See you on the dance floor. 

We are giving away a bunch of prizes... Bring a bus load and you could be the big winner of a FREE ONE YEAR  MEMBERSHIP TO PRINCETON. .  

Naughty Gras only comes around a few times a year and you Princeton Ladies are the sexiest, naughiest, wildest women in the world.  Make it a wild weekend.  

So be sure to tell all your friends where you'll be for Naughty Gras ands whose the Naughtiest of them all. 

We have Tens of Thousands of beads so think Naughty and they will soon be around your neck.

Early, Late or ALL NIGHT LONG... RK Parties ROCK!!!The Night belongs to Princeton! Sex, it does your body good!

RK and the Princeton Staff

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