April 21st - Freaky Friday Jello Shots

April 21st - Freaky Friday Jello Shots

Princeton is starting a New Freaky Friday Series of Parties...  All Centered around Healthy Living.  We are encouraging our Members to LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE. 

So the Second Freaky Friday Party of the month centers around Jello Shots.  We believe life is not complete unless you start out your Freaky Friday with one of the Basic Food Groups... JELLO.   So to enjoy the best of Both Worlds we are encouraging our Members to come down to the Club tonight to experience Princeton's Freaky Friday Jello Shot Night.  Yes we place those Jello Shots anywhere you want them.  We believe in a little exercise, along with natural organic Jello that will change you into a more health conscious person. 

Now, don't think exercise and eating healthy is just for the other person.  At Princeton we believe in group therapy.  So everyone gets involved.  Especially if you are New. 

Something else is happening at Princeton...  We are going to be offering more discounts and completely different types of discounts.  However discounts will only be available on our social media sites.  They are no longer the standard get to the club themed and be here before 9...  Discounts are more of a social event and every week a special code will be available to our members on our social media sites.  Every one of Princeton's Social Media Sites is FREE!!!  And of course it is totally fun to be a part of Princeton's Social Media Activities...  In fact we have a New Social Media Room at Princeton where you can sign up for FREE.   If you want to take a picture of yourself or your partner or take one together, you can plus if you want to doctor it up, add items to your appearance and upload them to your Social Site, you can inside the secret social media room.  All by yourselves, totally private or you can let other Princeton Members know you are at the Club that night.  You can use your screen name.  You are in charge...

So Freaky Fridays never felt so good, looked so good, tasted so good!!!  Got Jello Shots on your Mind???  Get Freaky Friday at Princeton and look for your discounts on our Social Media Sites...

More Members are experiencing More Parties with More Avenues of Expression than in the entire hisotry of our Club... Plain and Simple Princeton is getting better with age...  Nobody does it Bigger or Better!   The Night Belongs to Princeton!!!

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